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Vapor de Sueño

Creative Code + movement

For the 2010 edition of FEX an interdisciplinary group of artists, researches and professionals was gathered by the Granada University of Arts. The task consisted in developing a new piece with a strong focus on the interaction between art and technology. In the ‘video department’ we divided the forces into realtime and pre-produced, being me the one taking care of the realtime area. For one of the scenes that formed the piece, I created an interactive particle system that tracked position of the dancers in stage and reacted accordingly. For another section, data from sensors the dancers were wearing was received in a computer that was capturing cameras on stage and a stack of effects distorted the image in realtime. In the third scene involving realtime, a laboratory table was introduced on stage with flasks and diverse equipment. I performed with the elements in the table that were tracked with a camera under the table thanks to reactivision software. The choreographed movement of the elements was sent to the audio computers to alter and effect the music. Once on stage I also ‘danced’ during the last scene of the piece.