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Paul Kalkbrenner

Creative Code, 2015

For the album 7th by Paul Kalkbrenner, Pfadfinderei created a stage design with an array of 4×3 moving screens hanging behind the artist. Since Pfadfinderei components use mostly Modul8 for live performing their visual sets, my task was to create a module that was able to integrate the movement of the screens into a VJ live workflow. The good thing is that Modul8 has a Python scripting section to create modules, the bad is that it is an antique piece of software. Following the concept of VJ loops that get triggered at specific moments, the module should perform three main tasks:
– Design global positions and be able to recall them by triggering midi events.
– Interpolate between the global positions at different speeds and continuously loop between two of those presets.
– Adjust and fine tune positions quickly for each venue.