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Intergalactic Panacousticum

Creative Code, 2013

Visual content for the first episode of the trilogy Intergalactic Panacousticum by Oliver Fox. A microphone buried in the antarctic ice was providing a real-time audio signal. This signal was the backbone of the performance. For this piece I extended my sound analyzer with new tools that allowed me to represent better the different instruments of the band. A particle system was driven by different forces controlled by the tone, loudness and brightness of the Saxophone. The guitar pitch, loudness and noisiness was in charge of the overall characteristics. From the drums I took each element and assigned it to a ‘postpro’ effect. Since it was a complete improvisation session, my role was adjust parameters in real time, control the camera, the different rendering methods and the general feeling of the piece. In this way I am just a director and the software is the real performer.